Dr Nephetina Serrano

Dr. Nephetina L. Serrano Relationship Expert, Certified Marriage Counselor, National Empowerment Speaker, TV Host Best Selling Author, Publisher, Certified Life-Coach and Mentor.

Co-founder of Covenant Marriages, Covenant Rescue 911 501(c)3, and Covenant Marriages Institute. She supports couples in transitional phases within their marriage to achieve balance and stability in life and in business through Biblical principles to build a more effective communication in marriage and in relationships. Dr. Nephetina Serrano along with her husband Co-host their show, “Your Marriage Matters” on Dominion TV in over 35 countries around the globe.

Dr. Serrano co-authored the book, The Marriage Corporation, which Highlights the organizational needs of a covenant marriage. She is the Publisher of Marriage CEO Magazine, “For The Entrepreneur Who Leads, Building Legacy” a publication tailored to meet the relationship needs of couples and individuals. It also provides a learning platform for singles preparing to embark on their marital journey.

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