Genice Allen

Genice L. Allen is a visionary business strategist, with expertise in logistical planning and rural development. She is also a nonprofit organizer, humanitarian, influencer, and administrative liaison. Having spent years in publishing, she is known best for creating success stories from sheer inspiration alone. Recognized for her contributions to the global aviation industry and communal leadership Genice spearheads projects centered on diversity & inclusion, educational advancement, and economic opportunities for minorities and youth in rural communities.

Genice is a Mississippi native from a small town and a proud graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Currently, she is enrolled in the Business Administration (MBA) program at Mississippi State University. Genice works as a production engineering specialist for a leading aircraft manufacturer where she oversees the manufacturing, assembly, installation, design, and all technical aspects of helicopters. In addition, she has participated in training, development, and audits internationally.

Determined to build a legacy by implementing educational and economic opportunities she developed a STEM Scholarship Fund for youth. Genice’s most recent venture is the Allen Rental Properties LLC, in this new venture she will provide safe and sanitary housing along with educational resources for needy families.

Advocate, Influencer, Activist, Inspirer

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