Judy Ambros James

If the word “overcomer”, had a physical muse; it would be through the life of the brilliant leadership, found in Judy Ambrose James.

Judy Ambrose James is an author, speaker, people enthusiast, and the CEO of “Judy’s Smiles & Gifts”; a retail business, inspired by the compassionate journey of Judy’s survival. Withstanding the effects of a massive stroke in 2007, leaving her impaired; both mentally and physically, Judy promised God that she would use her life-changing experience, in order to change others’ lives, for the better. Becoming an ambassador for the cause, Judy created her own t-shirt, that read: “ If You Can’t Find a Reason to Smile, Borrow Mine”; a testament of God’s power in her story. Leaving an unshakable impression on passers-by; Judy began selling her inspirational t-shirts and books at the local park, every weekend. When people witnessed her audacity to smile, despite being wheelchair-bound, they supported Judy at once; a sentiment that continues, even today.

Judy’s mantra is simple: She was set in place, to convince survivors burdened by disabling conditions, that being a speaker and an author is possible, through God’s Power.

Judy has a history of proven leadership and education. As a manager in commercialized retail, she has won countless awards for her charismatic personality, and her keen ability to connect with people; an attribute that won over nationally respected business gurus, Dawn Lieck and Kearn Cherry. Taking her under their professional wings, Judy confesses that it is because of their consistent support and encouragement, she has been able to accomplish what seemed impossible; in the realms of business, authorship, and public speaking.

Amidst all of Judy’s growing accomplishments, she is most inspired by those who have endured the unimaginable; in order to allow faith to change their lives, beyond the impossible.

When she is not out gaining smiles from the local community, Judy is a beloved member of her family and a cherished asset to her friendship circles.

Judy Ambrose James. Leader. Role-Model. Overcomer.

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