Lee Mariano

The possibility of transforming lives is not attained, without compassionate leaders, committed to an unyielding gift, of inspiring others. Championing that principle with exceptional grace; is the dynamic life enthusiast, Lee Mariano.

Lee Mariano is an author, speaker, business guru, and CEO and founder of Alexidom Coaching; a multifaceted coaching specialty centered around helping clients increase their self-confidence, reclaim their personal power, and rediscover their identity so that they can successfully achieve their goals; and attain the life they desire most.

Reputed for her impressive career and expertise as a C-Suite Executive and Senior Leader, Lee proves her tenure in people management and career coaching to be quintessential; equipping her with the dedication and insight needed, to help clients transform their very own lives.

Lee Mariano’s mantra is simple: Show up with confidence. Speak with authority, and get things done.

Lee merges an ability to help others, with a deep sentiment for education, authorship, advocacy, and communal service. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and has served her country as a US Marine Corps Veteran. She is also a USA Bestselling Author and champions domestic violence advocacy; as she herself, is a proud survivor. Lee uses her experiences as a survivor to influence women to reinvent themselves, speak their personal truth, and begin again; some of the many attributes she offers through her coaching practice. Her intention is clear: Lee wants women to stop hiding behind the labels that others have placed on them, and to remain resolved to their purpose and the possibility of creating their own future.

When Lee is not out helping to empower women through Alexidom Coaching, she is a beloved member of her chosen community, a cherished mother, and friend.

Lee Mariano. Speaker. Advocate. Guru.

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