Shawn LaRe Brinkley

Shawn LaRé is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Transformational Performance Coach, Speaker/Trainer/Author. Best described as a “people” person, Shawn LaRé possesses a magnetic zest for life as her energy is, boundless, her passion, relentless, and her joyous spirit, infectious! Shawn LaRé is pursuing her Doctorate in General Psychology, with an emphasis in Performance Psychology, as she considers herself a lifelong learner as well as a teacher of her acquired life lessons. She lives life to the fullest and believes love, laughter, and ADHD are her superpowers.

Shawn LaRé’s philosophy is, “When life gives you lemons, you must not just make lemonade, you must suck on them til’ they taste like chocolate. Brinkley credits her tenacious spirit to her mantra by which she lives “every set back is a comeback waiting for you to come to it.”

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