Valecia Brimage

International author Valecia Brimage has always known that God created her to do amazing things in His name. After surviving an abusive relationship, Brimage felt God instructed her that her story was not just meant for her; it was meant to be shared as a source of encouragement for women everywhere. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Brimage began writing and published Let Us Pray to help readers learn how to develop an intimate relationship with Christ through daily personal prayer.

After her first book’s success, Brimage was blessed to see the widespread life change her book brought. Readers from around the world related to her visionary insight, kind wisdom, and loving instruction. It was then that God began nudging Brimage to continue her transformative journey. He made it clear to her that her calling was to serve others through outreach ministry, and, with that in mind, Brimage became an inspirational speaker.

In 2018, she took the next steps in her spiritual journey by writing her second book, Beautiful You: Encouraging the Hearts of Women. In this book, Brimage nurtures and encourages the hearts of battered, broken, bruised, torn, and abused women by showing them they are, as image-bearers of God, are beautifully, fearfully, and wonderfully made. In the same year ‘Beautiful You’ was published, Brimage received her license in Evangelism.

When not growing her own spiritual walk with the Lord and writing, Brimage can be found serving in her ministry, Free2worshipministries. It is there that she often finds inspiration for ways to share positive, encouraging, and uplifting words from the Lord with those enduring hardships.

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